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Education is a must these days. It is a right that everyone deserves to have. Education is not a new concept. It has been observed in the early years too, that our country had a kind of education system which was very popularly known as gurukul. Most of us are aware of the gurukul system right? Kids used to be sent away from home, deep into the forest where they would stay until they gained the necessary education. Bach then there were no degrees for qualification, it all depended on the guru.

The education system has evolved a lot form the past. And according to me one of the most important changes that have come is the education for girls. Back in the days, when kings and queens ruled Indian soil, education was mainly for men. And mostly only the upper class men had the right to education. Women were not encouraged to read, write or use a sword (which was a part of education back then). There were very few princesses that were given the right to study, but still had to remain behind the curtain.

In today’s scenario, there are a number of schools and girl education has become just as important as the boys’. You will find all the major cities of our country running a fine education system. Many of my Bangalore friends have asked me about the list of new schools in nagarbhavi Bangalore. But, before we try and get into it, let us see some of the benefits of educating a girl child:

  • Needless to say, educating women helps in economic empowerment. Many women after receiving education now do jobs or start up small businesses to support themselves and their family. This definitely contributes to the country’s economy.
  • Also, educating girls has finally made them aware of their own body and their own reproductive system. Now they know how to take care of the hygiene and maintain proper health.
  • They have become more independent and have their own minds to make decisions of what is the best for them.
  • Apart from being able to choose their own life paths and have a career goal, this has definitely boosted their morale and self confidence.
  • And last but not the least, women have been able to contribute to the society’s welfare because of their education which helps other underprivileged people.

So, here were some of the benefits that the whole country gets to see when the women are also educated. So parents don’t hold back from sending your girl child to the school because it is not only their right but also because they are ready to shoulder bigger responsibilities.

There are a number of types of schools that are fit for your little princess. Public and private schools are very common choices for parents. Apart from that you also have the option of international schools. You could take a look at the list of best schools in nagarbhavi Bangalore and make an informed decision.

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